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Upcoming cohorts

Skip the imposter syndrome, get real experience.

Cohort #8 - Q4 2021

Upcoming - 10 spaces available

Cohort #9 - Q1 2022

Upcoming - 22 spaces available


Growing collection of the products built by our cohorts in just two weeks.

Cohort #5 - With Gaza Sky Geeks

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image 31.png

CONTEXT The market has seen an increase in sales of indoor plants in cities like London and Paris to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

PROBLEM Consumers new to this market are buying product without the knowledge of how to look after them.

IDEA Create a market-place for plants with an after-sales platform to educate and guide new plant-owners in how to look after them.

Cohort #2 - Team Spiky Pandas

CONTEXT Professionals in the construction industry (architects, builders) are missing out on high profit margins with inefficient supply chains and processes for sourcing construction materials.

PROBLEM There's no quick and easy way to find the materials they need within the right parameters (time, cost, technical specifications) as the industry works on legacy systems.

PRODUCT Platform connecting builders and manufacturers to help them choose, estimate and purchase the materials they need for upcoming projects. Plus, increase their visibility of new materials in the market.

Cohort #1 - Team Beta

image 33.png


Be in touch if you need more info. Don't be shy.

Who is WorkSprint for?

Ambitious, curious people who want to:

  • learn about product

  • move into product/tech

  • launch a business 'in the digital age'

  • future-proof their career

So far, our cohorts have been filled with a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise - from entrepreneurship, construction, law, tech development to UX and digital marketing.

In short, it doesn't matter who you are. Your credentials don't matter, your calibre does.

Why does it cost that much?

£500, which includes the 2-week experience and membership to the WorkSprint community for resources, product frameworks, events and content case study library (live in 2021).

Our mission is to accelerate the careers of top talent in product and tech so that we (as society) benefit from good people creating the right type of value as world economies grow into digital/tech-first societies.

By keeping the cost low, we keep the experience open to many, inclusive of other economies and sector-agnostic. We believe there should be no barrier to knowledge, which is why
we focus on calibre, not cost.

How does it work?

You apply for a spot, we match you with a group of diverse, international top-talent people. Then, we move quickly through a 2-week program designed to be as close to working in tech as you can get.

What do you learn?

You learn - then practice - the first principles of product management including:

  • Working in a team environment

  • Quickly ramping up a team

  • Making good decisions quickly, and narrowing down scope

  • First principles of product

  • Jargon, language of product

  • Experience of how to run quickly, moving from uncertainty to certainty

  • Understanding the context of product management and which to use when

  • Navigate tools & frameworks in the tech space

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5PM BST are core contact 'Coaching hours' you do not want to miss. During those sessions you get assignments, resources and feedback from your Product coach and the cohort - 5hrs p/w.

Outside of that, how much time you invest is up to you and your team. We recommend 5-10hrs p/w. Some do more, some do less. We're not here to school you. We care about the outcomes only.

What's the schedule?

Our open Sprint runs in between the private corporate programs, and is open for applications to the dates stated above.

When are the next cohorts?

Short answer: no.
Long answer: let's talk.

Do you need a background 
in tech?

Yes, the experience is designed to flex for different time zones and existing commitments.

There are 5 core contact hours p/w you don't want to miss but outside that it's up to you. Most Sprinters leave 10hr p/w to work through all the resources, tasks and make the most of the networking opportunities with their cohort.


Can I do it if I'm still working?

How do I get more info?


How much does it cost?

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4 -

Go to our application page

After we review, we confirm if you've got a spot

Pay your cohort fee (£500), get access to the Slack channel and product resources


Save some energy. And get ready to Sprint.

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